Scottish Medieval Rock!

The Band


Saor Patrol - Scotlands Leading Medieval Rock Band

(pronounced 'shore' and comes from the Gaelic word ‘Saorsa’, meaning freedom / liberty) 

From Central Scotland and Fife, the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Scotland, 
Saor Patrol and their unique sound of Scotland in the 21st century, brings together the sounds of the past into the present and launches the listener into an 'Exciting Clann and almost Tribal Experience'. 

Those that have stood before SAOR PATROL while performing live never forget the feeling of power the feed the crowd and the visual image of their live experience. The energy they share on stage and  with their audience during a performance, with their vibrant pipe tunes and thundering drum rhythms please and excite many a crowd from all walks of life.

The sound that they started with was referred to as “Tribal Rock”. When they added the electric guitar some said it was  “Celtic Rock”.  When they shared a stage at a rock festival in England with Motorhead, their sound was refered to by Lemmy himself as “The Motorhead of Folk”. However over the years their sound has evolved into what is now refered to as Scottish Medieval Rock. A sound you will not forget. 

Like  Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Folk and many other sounds that have evolved from traditional Scottish music over the centuries, the music of Saor Patrol has too and this is their contribution!! 
Still holding onto their unique sound and style they continue to combine old musical Celtic roots with the new. Covering both Genres of World music and Medieval Rock

Their sound is original and their own: Scottish Medieval Rock! and it delivers every time at breathless pace!

Saor Patrol have all their music available as MP3 and download files now as well as their fast growing back catalogue of CD's, DVD & merchandise available from their shop on line

Saor Patrol have performed at festivals throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and USA and are available for bookings. You can book them for a unique Scottish Celtic cultural experience for your Music Festivals, Brand Launches, Corporate and Public Events, Gatherings, internationally bringing a taste of Scottish tradition with a difference to any event. 

Their story is unlike any other band.
There is more to the band members of Saor Patrol than meets the eye, they are a band for a more complicated reason, which they do not always get the opportunity to convey to their audience. They travel and perform to allow them to realise an equally fantastic goal.They are all volunteers of   The Clanranald Trust for Scotland, a recognised Scottish Charity, whose primary aim is the promotion of Scottish Cultural and Heritage through Entertainment and Education. 

Some of the band members have appeared in many epic movie blockbusters like Gladiator, King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Eagle,Thor II and Macbeth to name but a few. So these guys lead a pretty exciting and interesting life.

Saor Patrols other mission is to promote at all times possible the Clan Clanranald Trust for Scotland and all its projects. Duncarron being among the flagships of educational experiences in Scotland.


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